Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 30: 10dollardreams Review

Okay I've finally found a site that I feel pretty good about called 10dollardreams.com. This site is no ordinary PTC site or getpaidto site, it is a new and very unique concept.

So What is the main concept of the site?

2 words, Forced Advertising. The bonuses though are what I am really interested in. So here is how it works. The site's (I guess you can call it) "currency" are virtual business cards, these business cards are used to put your link to a website you want to promote and a description. The extra bonus here is the money making opportunity which I find quite appealing and it shows the site can be very sustainable.

The Money Making Concept
I will list how it works in a list format to make it easier on the eyes, in chronological order, of how it works.
  1. You buy a business card, and yes it costs 10 dollars, then put your website on it, and then you buying the business cards will get 50 cards shuffled from other users who have business cards.
  2. Point number 1 also can do the same for you as well, when a member buys another card, 50 cards will be shuffled, and the cards will keep shuffling until it finishes a cycle of shuffling for every card, so it will include yours as well. Once your card is shuffled you get $0.10. Doesn't sound like much? Keep reading.
  3. Your card can be shuffled an infinite amount of times, and you are not limited to just one business card. Buy as much as you want! I personally have only bought one card so far and my card gets shuffled once or twice a day, so 0.10-0.20 a day. That is pretty good since the site is only in prelaunch, the admin is planning to have more shuffles per day once more members start signing up. I am planning to invest more once I get my next paycheck at my job.
  4. Cash Out: Once you get to 20 dollars and you want to cash out, the way 10dollardreams system works (so that the site will be constantly getting more cards which in turn a more sustainable site) is that you only cash out 50% of your earnings and the rest is to buy business cards. Think about it, this is a good idea since it will get people to be more active by buying more cards, this will benefit YOU and everybody else since the more cards bought the more shuffles which means more money. And since it is not any of your money it isn't a big deal, you get to take out some money, buy some cards with money you've earned, and the cycle goes on again, good idea, no? You will make back your invested money especially once you get more cards in, and then once you have a steady cashflow you can constantly buy cards with out using your own money, just half the money you use that you made in 10dollardreams when you cash out.
  5. Also when you cash out, this is where the forced advertising comes in. There is a prerequisite for you to look at a certain amount of business cards/websites (NOT YOURS, SOMEONE ELSES) for a certain amount of time. Then you can cash out. This is how their forced advertising works.
  6. Referrals: These are the very special extras, when you get a referral, everytime they buy a business card you get a $1.00 commision out of it. If you are starting to catch on, you can see how lucrative this system can be!
  7. Upgrades: There are 3 levels, White Belt (Lowest), Green Belt (Middle), and Black Belt (Highest). White belt is when you haven't bought any cards yet, once you buy a card you are automatically upgraded to Green Belt. Black Belt has a fee to it, I just can't remember it though but I think it is around $150, sounds expensive but is worth it. You get $0.11 per shuffle instead of $0.10 (lol I laughed too when I read that). But not only that, if you are those types where your not up for advertising your referral link to get some referrals, you can buy some referrals that have signed up under no referrals. Choosing from a White Belt(cheapest) to Black Belt (Expensive but you will have a better ROI(return on investment) since Black Belts took the time to upgrade, it must mean they are active with purchasing business cards, which will benefit you with many $1.00 commisions
  8. Contests and Specials: Every month there are new contests and specials to earn some extra cash as well. The specials so far include a sign up for a deposit of $5.00 into your 10dollardreams account. And a toolbar you can download to get a dollar once you show proof. Note: Press print screen on you keyboard, paste it in paint, crop out everything around and just include some of your web browser with your toolbar showing and post in the thread in forums and you'll get the dollar once admin verifies it. The contest going on right now is getting the members to make videos on youtube and the best one will get the jackpot prize, before it was 50 dollars and has increased to 60.
So this is a the jist of the program and how its system works. Pretty unique system hey? You can use the money you earn for whatever you want, I'm personally going to use it (once I've achieved a good steady amount of income) to fund my other business ventures and projects online. So if you want to join in click here to make some extra money.

Success To All,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 28: Same Old Same Old....Give ME Something New!!

I think my head is going to burst, this whole past week I've been absorbing a bunch of information, about anything from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to sites that could help me make that extra buck, and I've even dabbed a bit into the whole e-commerce industry, and the list just goes on. I've learned a lot this week especially, and I think of myself as no beginner anymore as I once was when I started this blog, and don't get me wrong I'm no expert either, I'm like in between. I'm thinking of starting a new blog and I feel as if I can share what I've learned so far to everybody, I will still keep this as a personal kind of journal about my earnings.

But anyways, I want to get to the point, I mentioned the past week I've been doing tons of research, but the thing is I get bored easily and even though I am doing great in Neobux, personally I don't believe one stream of income is plenty; and just 'cause I'm bored.

So here is what I am trying to say, if you have any programs that you are skepticle of and unsure if it is a scam or not, contact me or comment on this post and I will be your guinea pig for this program or site. But of course, I will take the logical steps before taking the program by looking at the site first and researching, then if those I find nothing, I will try out the program and will report back on this blog to tell you about what I've learned so far and it's legitamacy.

Contact me via my secondary email address showg34@yahoo.ca.
Or comment if you like about the program you are wondering about.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 26: Got paid $2.00!

On Day 18 I mentioned of how I found a few sites that I could potentially earn money on. Well I've found my first legitimate winner! Everyone's heard of a Paid To Click (PTC) website, and many of you gag at the sound of that word, it's just natural for us because of all these scams out there. But where there are scams, there are the real deal money making websites as well. I understand perfectly of how easily PTC websites can be used to make easy scam websites to lure in the naive "aliens" of the internet. Ever since I started this blog, I've been digging through the web with new information I learned everyday, I've been very susceptible to information overload. I have found many reputable and informative information and learned many things. So I can't really call myself a "noob" anymore, after spending nearly my whole day everyday learning a lot of things about online opportunities at home for an online income.

Anyways, this is the PTC website I have been on for about a month or so. It has been online for a year and still going strong, and it is a very sustainable website, it doesn't promise those impossible amounts like 1 dollar a click, and it won't be going bankrupt very soon.

This is the website I have been using for the past month, I waited till I could reach payout to see if I would actually get paid, turns out they do pay! This site is a very reputable website and you've probably heard of it before, Here's the website that I've been praising about so much:

The site is called Neobux. Sound familiar? If not, this website has been around for a year, and has a very kind and helpful admin, unlike the other sites where the admin aren't active at their own website at all and don't help the users. The admin also always finds ways to improve the site and posts them in the forums news. The forums are actually very active, which is a good sign when you look at PTC websites.

Neobux is very clean and crisp as well. But all these factors only connect if the main factor is strong and durable. The main factor being their payment plan, so here it is:

Pioneer and Standard Membership

Per click: $0.010 (standard exposure) · $0.015 (extended exposure)
Per referral click: $0.005 (standard exposure) · $0.010 (extended exposure)

Golden Membership

Per click: $0.010 (standard exposure) · $0.020 (extended exposure)
Per referral click: $0.010 (standard exposure) · $0.020 (extended exposure)

Now does this look very sustainable to you? Sure does to me, the payment plan isn't unrealistic and this is one way to see the sustainability of the site, it doesn't offer too much, but not too little. Neobux also offers a lot of room for the user to slowly and gradually increase their income. In the aforementioned paragraph I mentioned about the good admin that Neobux has, it's true, and if you look at the learn more page at the home page, you'll see that the admin has a sense of humor to, and to me that shows there is a real person behind that admin and website.

Oh yeah, and I mentioned I got paid $2.00 today, actually I cashed out $2.04 but the site takes the 4 cents for the processing fee, haha no big deal but it shows they do pay. So here is my payment proof:

This is my payment proof, I just censored out some information I wouldn't like to be disclosed. 

Yes as it says on the banner so far I have earned about 3 dollars, the first dollar I put back to spend on renting 3
referrals, and the last 2 dollars were cashed out for evidential purposes. I will try and make a video soon to show 
my proof in another way. And yes for those of you wondering, it is myreferral link, I'm not trying to trick you 
readers out of anything so I am telling you now that the banners and links are my referral links, so if you sign up 
you will be my referral, but youdon't have to if you don't think I'm worthy of being your referrer.

So here it is, I've made $2 and thats 2 dollars less from my goal.

$100 000-$2 = $999 998 left

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Scam Story

Okay I know there are millions of scam websites out there and I can only list so many. Right now however, I have only had first hand experience with one website, which was one me and my brother had tried. Actually, more like I forced my brother to try because I had no credit card to try out the site and join. This was a LONG time ago when I didn't know much about anything in making money online.

Here is the story that I will make shorter for your convenience. So basically, I came across this website called undergroundcashsecret.com. How I came across it I vaguely remember, I believe though that I was surfing around google for making money online when I came across this site called Legitimatebusinessreviews.com. Now forgive me for my naivety, I did not know or think about maybe the two sites were somewhat connected. When you enter the site, it is this guy named Scott, and as a noob to the whole online internet business I obviously gave in to his words. I looked around and looked at his Top Sites on the sidebar, there it used to have on the #1 list undergroundcashsecret.com, and praised it for being such an amazing site. (recently I've checked back on the site and it seems like he's changed his picture to some totally different person and his top site now is the Automated Wealth System, personally I really do not recommend looking at this site, it is obviously one way or another affiliated with these websites)
So I joined after convincing my brother to use his credit card for it, I did that thing where you exit and he gives you a deal to sign up for less, I managed to only pay 7 dollars for it lol :P. After signing up, not only did we not get the bonus offers he said he would send us, he gave us these outdated marketing information and these websites that he says are for free (but really the only way you can do anything with those accounts in the websites is to upgrade and thats right it costs money...) These websites were useless crap that I could've found on the internet and I wasted my time and money, and now random people keep calling my brother! So this is my story and my contribution to the lists of the many scam websites that I have yet to reveal.

So this is my scam story, and I would love to hear yours and add it on to my list for everyone to see.

  1. Legitimatebusinessreviews.com
  2. Undergroundcashsecret.com

About Me

Hello, my name is KingP, it is my alias I use online. Please refer to me as that and I would like to talk a little bit about myself. There isn't much to say about me, just that I'm a nice guy lol.

Well lets see, when it comes to money, it's the one word that wakes me up on a lazy Sunday morning. I simply don't just want money of course, I do need some for my own purposes I will not disclose on this blog. My 9-5 job is killing me, well....not really. I'm only getting 1 measly shift a week! My manager is a total b**** that treats me like sh***.

Enough ranting though. Anyways, this is one of the many reasons I have created this blog, to create a place where I can keep a list of my mistakes and the "goods"(websites) that can help me achieve my goal of making money online. My goal of making $100 000 dollars in a year would be a dream come true, I do have some doubts; however, I have to believe in myself or I won't get anywhere and that is the goal I have set. So this is who I am, and please do help me because in return it will help you on your money making conquest.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 18: Soo many wasted dayss

It has been 17 days since I last posted, my apologies to any readers and to myself. I've been scanning through the internet for ages, it feels like I've become an internet hermit just lounging around looking for the next get rich quick scheme, or the new money making system. I think I've started to grow a small stubble beard on my face, better shave soon!

Don't get me wrong, I have not totally wasted my those 17 days, I've actually learned a lot and have gathered a lot of information and resources. I've made lists of "passing" websites that I believe are legitimate and safe enough to apply for, and MANY that are still pending in my making money online notepad that I still have to check up on. I've learned my due dilligence ever since my brother and I had gotten scammed by this one website and although it wasn't a huge loss, my brother now continues to get calls from that annoying company.

I have found a few sites that will make you money, some will not make you a lot, and some can make you money gradually but will take time, these are get rich quick schemes, but they are legitimate, and I have joined them myself and done my research. I will not post the sites yet, but I will keep you posted on my progress and when I get paid I will show you my payment proofs and everything so you know its safe, that is when I will show you the links. ;)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 1: Snoozin', Surfin' and Internet Cruisin'

My apologies for my late blog, homeworks been a b**** lately, so here goes my first day, and I've figured out how long it actually takes to research this stuff, I'm not even done yet! Other than that, I'm thankful that I've had at least one follower finally, but please do keep coming. :)

This isn't the best start for my first day of money making;
however, thanks to one of the commenters on my posts, I think I've found my first way of making money, Google Adsense. I've checked it out and it seems there is potential in earning a lot of money(if your website is like super popular), but some money is better than nothing, so I'm going to try it out and this will be my first working online income. I will put it up some ads shortly if i can figure out how to do it. :P